BBK donates to help patients receive Bone Conduction Hearing Processors

18 Mar 2010

BBK has donated a sum of BHD. 25000/000 (Twenty five thousand Dinars) to the Bahraini Society for Cochlear Implantation and Hearing Impairment (B.CI and HI Society), for purchasing Bone Conduction Hearing Processors to help hearing impaired patients. The cheque handover ceremony took place on Monday the 21st of December at the Banks headquarter at Manama in the presence of the Banks Chief Executive Mr. Abdulkarim Bucheery and Mr. AbdulHussain Bustani Assistant General Manager -Human Resources and Administration. The cheque was handed over to Dr. Ahmed J. Jamal, President of the Bahraini Cochlear implant and Hearing Impairment Society and Society delegates Mr. Omar Al-Sharif, General Secretary and Mr. Mohammed Hassan Ali treasurer of the Society.

The Bone Conduction Hearing Processors are electronic devices used to restore hearing for those patients with hearing impairment. It functions in a way to give direct bone conduction which allows the bone to transfer sound to a functioning cochlea, thereby by passing the ear canal and the middle ear. It is indicated in cases with conductive hearing loss or single sided hearing loss or with mixed hearing loss.

Examples of cases indicated for such device use are: Malformation of external ear canal or middle ear, Infection of ear canal resulting in chronic draining ear, Single sided deafness for causes like viral infection, Meniere’s disease, trauma, measles, acoustic neuroma and sudden deafness.

The Bahraini Society for Cochlear Implantation and Hearing Impairment will later hand over the 2 apparatuses donated by the BBK to Ministry of Health for the Centre of Hearing Impairment and Cochlear Implantation of Salmanyia Medical Complex and Ear, Nose and Throat Department to complete the surgery and implant these devices for the needed patients. The priority will be for the children among the present waiting list of 7patients. This list is expected to increase when the devices are available.

The Bahraini Society for CI and HI express its sincere thanks to BBK for this particular donation as it will be the first of such devices to be found in the Kingdom of Bahrain in addition to allow access to conduct surgeries related.


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