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Directors’ roles
and responsibilities

The primary role of the Board of Directors (the Board) is to oversee the implementation of the Bank’s strategic initiatives. Additionally, the Board ensures that the Bank operates within the agreed framework, following all relevant statutory and regulatory structures.

The Board monitors the adequacy of the financial systems, operations, and internal control. They also oversee the implementation of corporate ethics and the Code of Conduct. They also conduct regular meetings to discuss strategic issues, performance reviews, material acquisition, disposal of assets, capital expenditure, authority levels, the appointment of auditors, review of the financial statements, financing and borrowing activities, annual operating plan and budget, regulatory compliance, and assessment of internal controls.

The majority of BBK Directors, including the Chairman and/or the Deputy Chairman, are required to attend the Board meetings to ensure a quorum. In addition, the Board must approve all policies and decisions about the Bank’s operation and functions.

The overall management of the Bank is delegated to the Chief Executive. The Bank Directors hold their respective position for three years, after which they must present themselves to the Annual General Meeting

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors of Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait Bank

Administration of the Code
Standard of Conduct
Members of the Board of Directors shall discharge their duties professionally, with due diligence and to the best of their abilities.
Conflict of Interest, Disclosure and Appointments
Confidentiality and Inside Information
Key Persons (KPs) dealings
Acceptance of gifts
Relations with Bank Staff
Co-operation with regulatory bodies
Bank’s customers
Acceptance of this Code

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